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  • 2500 M2/M3 of surface area. Largest in the industry.
  • High removal of BOD/COD, total nitrogen, etc.
  • 5-hr HRT in municipal wastewater treatment.

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  • Elastic structure for Low wear
  • High surface area for contaminant removal.
  • High treatment capacity

Small Packaged wastewater treatment plants
Using the Kuraray method, we offer packaged systems that are affordable and easy to operate.
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  • High BOD/COD and ammonia removal
  • 5-hr HRT in municipal applications.
  • Compact size
  • Low capital and operational cost
  • Minimal solids production

Nano-Bubble Generator for water aeration from Moleaer, Inc.
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  • 80nm bubble or about 500 million bubbles per ml. Higher air dissolution
  • DAFs, Algae control, Dissolved oxygen demand
  • Minimal power requirement for operation
  • Self-cleaning. Low operating cost

Ultra Filtration
Kuraray manufactures a line of Ultra Filtration Modules for outside in ultra filtration
  • Highest flux capacity for fewer backwashes
  • Enhanced solids discharge process during backwash
  • Unique membrane design that eliminates clogging of the membrane

VanAire DAF Systems
Dissolved Air Flotation for the removal of solids, FOG and BOD reduction. Systems from VanAire, Inc
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  • Maximum removal of TSS, BOD and FOG
  • Effective aeration/recycle design available
  • Flows from 10 to 2000 gpm

Water Additives from BWA, Inc.
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Scale control, biocidal control, corrosion control, foam control, cleaning agents, dispersant agent, halite control, scavenger control.

TCCA and Calcium Hypochlorite for water treatment.
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RO Packages
From high performance applications and competitive cost. Utilizing Flow Reversal  technology. Increase recovery by 10-20%.  Reduce brine volume by 60%. Minimizes or eliminates the use of ant scaling chemicals.

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Ultra violet generators, UV
For commercial, industrial and municipal applications

Ozone Generators
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From Absolute Ozone®. The only compact system capable of producing high concentrations of ozone.

  • 5 year warranty. The best in the industry.
  • Highest ozone concentration. Up to 22%/wt.
  • Air cooled and programmable systems

Advanced Oxidation Process is a well-known process in which the free radical Hydroxyl is generated by the action of UV rays on ozone.

Valves and Automation. OEM type of Valves
  • Manual, Electric or Pneumatic operation
  • High performance manual and automated valves for demanding applications
  • Alloy and polymeric materials.

Zolite. Filtration media from ZeoInc
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  • 3 micron water clarity
  • Large surface area for higher solid retention
  • half the weight of sand media
  • Reduces chloramines and ammonia
  • Long lasting life cycle

Through a key partner, AO Managers, LLC. www.aomanagers.com, we are able to provide a wide line of products like metering pumps, flow meters, pH meters, DO meters, COD measuring kits, tanks, etc.